Wight Horse CIC

Working with our community

Wight Horse CIC believes that everyone in our community, no matter the age, ability or background should have the opportunity to meet and ride horses

Who do we work with?

All ages, all abilities, all backgrounds.

We work with children and adults with physical limitations, SEND and social and financial difficulties.

If you are a community or charity organisation and would like to partner with us, please get in touch today.

We are currently working with – The Isoroppia Foundation, The Einstein Centre, Youth Offenders, Barton School, SEND departments of island schools. Join us today and see the difference..

How can meeting and working with our horses help?

Horses are the only therapist you can hug. They don’t judge, they need care and require you to focus and gently work with them. The healing nature of horses and the herd is something we believe strongly in, there is something profound that happens when we work alongside horses.

Horses have an immediate impact on the people they meet and work with and as herd animals they are empathetic, reading subtle body language cues and emotion and they are keen to create social bonds.

What People Say

Foster mum to a little boy “He came home buzzing and saying how much he enjoyed himself.

It’s an experience that he’s never had before, and one he is pleased to have had. He has asked to come again which is not something we hear often from him”

Grandma to 2 little girls “. They loved every minute of it and could not stop talking about it on the journey home and over dinner and bedtime. Two very happy girls!”

Skyla Dearlove (left) “It was so fun. I got to brush the pony and ride on it.”

Get Involved with a community focussed organisation

We need you! If you have fundraising ideas, have some spare time to volunteer at our open days, in our community café or on our committee to steer our CIC, please get in touch today.


Would you like to fundraise for us? Do you have fundraising ideas?

Volunteer in the cafe

Can you spare a couple of hours a week to help in our friendly community cafe?

Volunteer at events

We always need upbeat volunteers to help us at events and activity sessions.

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