About us

Wight Horse is a not for profit organisation based on the Isle of Wight focused on providing equestrian activities for children and adults with physical limitations, special educational needs and social and financial difficulties.

We aim to provide a suitable learning environment with appropriately trained staff to develop physical, mental and social skills using horses either through riding, horse care or time spent in an outdoor stable yard environment.

Wight Horse CIC is based at Island Riding Centre and it utilises the instructor, groom and staff’s equine expertise. For therapeutic activities we bring in qualified personnel and safeguard appropriately.  The IRC horses and ponies are available to the CIC in addition to the facilities, Changing Places bathroom, hearing loop, classroom and accessible equipment.

Our aim is to make horse riding accessible for everyone whatever their situation and provide subsidised and, where possible, free riding, training clinics and stable management for children and adults from less fortunate backgrounds who would otherwise be excluded.

Our specialised equipment

At Island Riding Centre and with Wight Horse, we are passionate about making horse riding accessible to all and we are continually aiming for our stables and facilities to be fully accessible for wheelchair users.


We have the Island’s only para-hoist which is fully automated and capable of lifting a wheelchair user straight from their chair onto a horse up to 20 hands high!

This can revolutionise the experience for a wheelchair user who hasn’t been able to ride – now, they can feel the horse underneath them and the sense of freedom and joy that comes with horse riding.

Click here to read Stephen’s story – he hadn’t ridden a horse since he was a little boy and as a sufferer of Cerebral Palsy he had found it impossible to mount a horse, let alone ride – for his 31st birthday he had the opportunity to use the para-hoist at Island Riding Centre – it was an emotional and wonderful moment and his smile spoke volumes!

Martello Mounting Block

A Martello mounting block that allows two helpers to assist either side of a rider – the rider is supported throughout the mounting process.

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